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Thank you to all the entries, some incredible artwork  by the Fairifled locals ! check out some of their work below. 

How to Enter


1. Cost of entry is $2.00.


2. Each entrant will receive a standard art sheet and registration label to be affixed to the rear of the artwork.


3. Open category and Under 18 Years entries will only be accepted on the registered standard art sheet


4. All entries must be accompanied by an artist’s statement of less than 15 words of how their work was ‘Inspired by Fairfield’.


5. Additional art sheets are available at $1.00 each.


6. The art sheet provided is suitable for all mediums including water colour.


7. Under 12 entrants are free and can use their own art paper.


8. Please write name, contact details and school on rear of Under 12’s artwork for identification of artist and return if required.


9. Entry fees and standard art sheets with registration label can be collected from:

Erinbank,   Shop 2 / 153 Station St. Fairfield Vic  3078  OR

Chapman & Bailey Art Shop, 420 Johnston Street, Abbotsford  Vic  3067


10. Return your completed artwork, with label attached to rear, to Erinbank or Chapman & Bailey Art Shop by 6.00pm, Friday 20th September, 2019

Terms & Conditions

The Fairfield Art Prize is an initiative of the Fairfield Traders Association

1.    The Fairfield Art Prize is an amateur artists event

2.    Entry only by payment of the entry fee ($2.00) and use of standard issued art paper with registration label from the nominated location.    The Art Paper, as supplied, suits most mediums including water colour
3.    Digital entries are invalid
4.    All entries are to be submitted unframed and must include an artist’s statement of up to 15 words which describes how their artwork was Inspired by Fairfield
5.    The decision of the independent judges shall be final and no communication shall be entered in to
6.    Artists whose work is shortlisted will be invited to an awards exhibition where winners shall be announced. Cash Prizes will be paid by cheque to the registered entrant
7.    Fairfield Traders Association undertakes to publicly display all entries deemed appropriate by the Fairfield Traders Association Committee but cannot guarantee same
8.    Fairfield Traders Association will take all due care in handling and presentation of entries with no claims for damage applicable
9.    Paid Entrants must declare at registration if they wish their artwork retained for collection on the nominated date / dates
10. All unclaimed artwork shall be disposed of after the nominated collection date/s
11. Judging shall be done by a panel of independent art teachers and experienced artists and six entries from each category will be short listed
12. The People’s Choice Award will be announced after the 1st weekend of public display of entries and shall be a popular vote from the general public