The Fairfield Village Traders Association is keen to promote business in Fairfield and Community Group News via our successful Instagram and Facebook pages.  

To be part of it, all you need to do is send through to Yvette Standfield or Anna Henderson ( the following:


  1. Your details.

  2. What would you like your post to say/be about? Is there a specific product, service, event or sale that you would like mentioned? Leave key details, dates and taglines/slogans:

  3. Are there any relevant brands you like us to tag or mention?

  4. Does your business have Facebook/Instagram? Is so, leave the details below (e.g. Facebook page name, Instagram handle, any hashtags you always use so that we can use them too).

  5. Send through any high-quality photos or posters.    If you do not have any please contact us, and if time allows we will take one for you.