The latest mural on the wall at Gillies Street car park looks amazing.   Here is the back story.............

Fairfield Village Mural, titled Love, Justice & Esperanza (Spanish for hope).


Local artist Tonia Composto, is a from Thornbury and frequently visits the Fairfield shopping strip and use the carpark out back.     Tonia looked at the vacant wall for 6 months before knocking on the home owners door to enquire if it could be used as a blank canvas to create a mural.


Being a major illustration goal to create a big piece of work, Tonia already had a vision for it and together with the property owner collaborated their ideas.    Tonia hopes that the piece is not too cryptic - it's about love, the mixtures of emotions and loss, all the things that are important to us as we grow older.

Lemon Chicken Por Favor is Melbourne, Australian based illustrator and graphic designer, Tonia Composto.    Tonia’s illustration universe is full of colour, humour, irony and explosive energy. She adopts a motto to never use “command Z” and that helps her confidently create the imperfect, bold, retro and gritty style she is known for. She combines reality with a quirky point of view to bring her audience closer to the situations and environments she creates. ​ She loves working in the digital application, Illustrator, but also adores the traditional methods of drawing, painting and printmaking. She illustrates for events and festivals as well as human and animal rights issues, which she is incredibly passionate about. ​ Tonia currently freelances as an illustrator and graphic designer, and recently created illustrations for Animals Asia, won the 2016 WOMAdelaide T-shirt design competition and twice shortlisted for the Adelaide Fringe Festival Poster competition. ​      Tonia lives in Thornbury, Melbourne, Australia with husband Mat, daughters Nina & Paloma, their dog Eddie and three chooks.

 Titled:  Love, Justice & Esperanza  

 Artist Tonia Composto

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