The latest murals completed in the walkway connecting Station Street and the car park in Fairfield are two incredible works of art.


According to the artist "Lucy Lucy" "this mural is celebrating spring but really it’s a celebration of the Petyan season according to the indigenous calendar.
It’s common to transpose the European seasons here but we are not in Europe. The land and the weather follow a different pattern which was very well understood by indigenous people for thousands of years with a lot more subtlety.

So here is a tribute to the season of bush bursting into life that will happen between September and November synchronising hopefully with the end of the lockdown and the joy of being free outside."

The second section of the mural in the laneway "Lucy Lucy" believes speaks for itself.

"Soil, land, dirt, piece of Earth.
It is ultimately life and what sustains us. It’s holding our roots and history. It’s our present and our future. It’s where we physically go back to.
It’s our home, it’s us."

To view more images of the artwork, visit @lucylucyone on Instagram.

With thanks to Darebin Council for funding this artwork for Fairfield Village.

 Artist Lucy Lucy

Instagram and FB @lucylucyone