Why the name?  Working for Myer in my early twenties this was a common expression.  Odd that I was running their gift wrapping service as I studied at the Conservictorium.  Wrap, wrap, Bow, Bow.  “Sir” and “Madam” were actually used in those days.


Holding up finished parcel one would enquire “is that alright Sir or Madam?”

The reply often came “Oh I’m wrapped in it!” of course laughter ensued.  I used to think “If ever I have my own shop I shall call it ‘WRAPPED IN IT”.  Twenty years later I did just that.  Hence, the name.


I opened at 524 High Street, Northcote whilst I was supplying John Sands with handmade bows.  My young staff wanted their own outlet and on the nagging advice of my accountant we found the empty shop and went ahead.  Within eighteen months we were coerced into Northcote Central where we traded as the business grew for five years.  We still have the pink neon sign that was designed for that venue illuminating our windows on Station Street, Fairfield.  After a stint in Thornbury I was again nagged into applying for a lease in Fairfield.  And then I fell in love.  I have never fallen out of love with the beautiful people of Fairfield – not in twenty of my thirty years of trading as “Wrapped in it’.


Recent a lady entered No 82 and I said as one does “Can I help you at all?”

She smiled, put her hand on her breast, took a deep breath and said, “No, I am just pandering to my inner child”.

I think that that is what it’s all about.  My inner child.  Making gift giving come to life.  The joy in children’s eyes as they come in the door and say “Wow”.  Thirty years!  Where did they go?   I shared them with others,   good times, absolutely awful times, floods, recessions, upturns and downturns.  


It’s all been worthwhile to trade in this community amongst these people where my heart has found a home.


‘Wrapped In It”

82 Station Street, Fairfield

Proprietor, Rosalie Standley-Wood

Celebrating 30 years trading